imno.1 bad review seller Ebay ASROCK Fata1aty B150 Gaming K4 Motherboard

This is my email communication with this eBay seller:

where is the shipping $$$?

Hi,my friend,because of we are out office,please wait for some days,we will keep what we daid ,Thank you
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Please let me know how you will refund my shipping costs since the mobo was defective.

This way I put a good review on the product since all was as you said. If I don’t get my shipping costs then I feel I was lied too.

Hi,the shipping label is purchased by eBay,,the address of us at first line,please do not worry, just try to drop it to post office,Thank you
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I just noticed that the shipping label is coming back to me. So i put it today on USPS and I got a message that I will receive tomorrow. Then I saw your label and it has it coming to me.

Hi,shipping label attached.
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Send me a paid shipping label to my email

If not I will call eBay about this cause this is very different than what I have been doing.

Hi,my friend,
here is the retuen address:

Name:UMSOJN liuwei
Address:15617 NE Airport Way,C/O UMSOJN,Multnomah,Portland,Oregon,97251-9615 United States
Tel:(971) 250-8788

Return reason:Repair

If returned,please let us know the tracking number,then we will pay the postage,Thank you
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Here are images

Hi,my friend,Thank you for your order with us firstly,
please do not worry,we will stand with you to make it done.Dear,could you please send us a photo show us the motherboard you installed (no video card installed) ? we had tested the motherboard before shipping,it worked well,Maybe some RAM not compatible well in the motherboard,please try to use only one RAM to test,please use an eraser to clean up the golden fingers of your memory before install it to motherboard.If you need our test video,please reply us your email in next message,Waiting for your reply.thank you
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I have installed the motherboard but nothing happens. The screen is dark and don’t see any lights nor and beeps or sounds from speaker. I also don’t see a speaker prong so I can connect s small speaker on mobo.

Everything starts good but nothing happens.
I tried a video card gaming on it and screen still dark. The video port on the back I tried but nothing.

I am thinking motherboard could be defective?
I know that when I installed everything correctly I should see the post screen but can’t. I also see that the hard drive light doesn’t come up. Any pointers there or?